Tuesday, December 9, 2008

long time no post

And this is just a short one! Just stopping in to say that one of my scarves is being featured in this blog give away! Yay! So Check it out and enter to win!


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thursday's Financially Frugal Finds

So Today is my first Favorites of Etsy...  I thought I'd start out with Etsy Shops I have found that have great stuff for a low price. Many shops sell great items for a great price- but the nature of the item means it costs just a wee bit more. These shops have great low priced items (I am thinking, great for stocking stuffers!)

So check them out!

First up, PendantKing

I love love love the pendants in his shop! Pretty, Whimsy, Cute and Functional are all available! If you are an Etsy seller, he can make your avatar into a keychain or pendant! I love that, and plan on doing it soon! 

 I actually purchased a bunch of sample soaps from Shine @ a great price- and I LOVE them. Seriously, handmade soap smells and feels sooo much better than regular soap! Check out her shop! So far, I love the Pumpkin Goatsmilk soap!
And another favorite, Cranberry Apple!
This is a really pretty soap she made:

Need something to put Shine's soap on? I did- and I was all set to buy it from bed bath and beyond or something, when a fellow twitterer posted this! I bought a mini and the regular size! 
Haven't gotten them yet, but I am excited! Thanks Crochetgal!

Found these when I briefly stumbled into an etsy lab!
 Know any kids who love to play kitchen? 
These felt foods from Becky M. are sure to broaden their horizons!!

Last but not least, Jawbreaker has these great holders for your iPhone, iPod, cell or other small items... cute, pretty, and functional! (And, of course: affordable!)

I am off today to go to PA for a youth leaders training conference (I have no idea what to expect!) but I am excited! (And stressed b/c I have a lot to do before 245 when i leave!!) After PA I am headed down to MD where I am visiting a friend for a few days. Not sure when I will get a chance to blog again ! I will miss you, blog! 
Please check out these great shops, and be sure to check in next thursday when I host another week of finds... you never know, your shop may be next!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Cozy Cuteness

So at the request of a friend, I found a pattern for some posh mittens- fingerless mittens are all the rage these days, but what about those of us who DO have nerve endings beyond our middle knuckle? I love topless mittens for function- i plan on making my hubby a pair soon (and of course, there will be duplicates available in my shop!). But today, for us Massachusetts gal's, we already need some mittens to keep us toasty during the fall! 
I knitted these up in less than 4 hours i think... Thank goodness for airline delays... well, no. Thank goodness for knitting to pass the time during airline delays!! That's waaaaay more accurate. (though, I doubt whether or not I would have finished said mitten had i not been delayed...but I digress..). 

I listed them today, and I have already received a request for a pair in another color! hopefully that pans out into my first NON friend sale! woohoo! (though, i am beginning to think of etsiers as friends! :)

Also, in other exciting news, I was featured in a treasury (VERY exciting for me- my first one!) AND that treasury made it to the front page of etsy!! Whoa! So I got 400 hits on my scarf! And, lots of hearts...hopefully the hearts are for Christmas presents, and i will see buyers soon! Click here to see the treasury- but do it soon, it will expire on Tuesday morning, before 10am!!
If you missed the treasury, this will take you to the front page item...

Thanks for reading! More soon! :)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Announcing my Shop, Blog,It's a party up in here!

Woohoo! It's time for a celebration!
I opened my etsy shop a few weeks ago,  thanks to a few wonderful friends encouraging me to do so! And thanks to those friends, I also have had a few sales! Woohoo! 

Here's the deal: I plan on shamelessly promoting myself through this blog... and I ask all of you to shamelessly promote me as well.. send all your friends and family links to my blog and my etsy... and I will love you forever! :)

But, to be fair, if you are an etsier- I plan on shamelessly promoting you, too! I have already displayed some of my etsy favorites on the right...I plan on a weekly blog showing favorites on Etsy I've found... Look for this on my Blog on Thursdays! 

It won't all be about selling of course, I want to tell people about how excited I am  when I find new yarns, when I finish off a project... get to know the knitter inside of me ! :) So even if you don't ever want to buy, you might want to read just because I am a pretty neat gal. (Really! :)

So, enough about the blog, here's some of my "basic stats":
I am married, 25, and mainly knitting is my craft.. I crochet as well, but I have fallen hard for the love of Knit... ha!  I also love to swing dance and I recently moved to Massachusetts... I started to cheer for the Red Sox, as that is contagious up here.. (Sox Fever!)... But i am a die hard Redskins fan, and you might hear about how they are doing on here as well! :) I have 2 kitties, and I would love a dog, but Hubby and Kitties won't like that much...

I was super excited to receive in the mail yesterday a long lost box of yarn from my dad! Apparently, I had stashed it there during one of my many moves.. I had been wondering where some of this yarn had gotten too- some of it was kind of expensive! So I was THRILLED to find it all in this box! woohoo!
New items on etsy are sure to result... :)

If you are interested, you can read my personal blog here.
And, don't forget to look for me on Twitter, here! My twitter will alert you to blog updates, news from my shop, and in general, what's going on! :)

That's all for now... hope to have lots of readers soon! Next Blog will feature some of my latest projects!!