Sunday, November 2, 2008

Cozy Cuteness

So at the request of a friend, I found a pattern for some posh mittens- fingerless mittens are all the rage these days, but what about those of us who DO have nerve endings beyond our middle knuckle? I love topless mittens for function- i plan on making my hubby a pair soon (and of course, there will be duplicates available in my shop!). But today, for us Massachusetts gal's, we already need some mittens to keep us toasty during the fall! 
I knitted these up in less than 4 hours i think... Thank goodness for airline delays... well, no. Thank goodness for knitting to pass the time during airline delays!! That's waaaaay more accurate. (though, I doubt whether or not I would have finished said mitten had i not been delayed...but I digress..). 

I listed them today, and I have already received a request for a pair in another color! hopefully that pans out into my first NON friend sale! woohoo! (though, i am beginning to think of etsiers as friends! :)

Also, in other exciting news, I was featured in a treasury (VERY exciting for me- my first one!) AND that treasury made it to the front page of etsy!! Whoa! So I got 400 hits on my scarf! And, lots of hearts...hopefully the hearts are for Christmas presents, and i will see buyers soon! Click here to see the treasury- but do it soon, it will expire on Tuesday morning, before 10am!!
If you missed the treasury, this will take you to the front page item...

Thanks for reading! More soon! :)

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