Saturday, November 1, 2008

Announcing my Shop, Blog,It's a party up in here!

Woohoo! It's time for a celebration!
I opened my etsy shop a few weeks ago,  thanks to a few wonderful friends encouraging me to do so! And thanks to those friends, I also have had a few sales! Woohoo! 

Here's the deal: I plan on shamelessly promoting myself through this blog... and I ask all of you to shamelessly promote me as well.. send all your friends and family links to my blog and my etsy... and I will love you forever! :)

But, to be fair, if you are an etsier- I plan on shamelessly promoting you, too! I have already displayed some of my etsy favorites on the right...I plan on a weekly blog showing favorites on Etsy I've found... Look for this on my Blog on Thursdays! 

It won't all be about selling of course, I want to tell people about how excited I am  when I find new yarns, when I finish off a project... get to know the knitter inside of me ! :) So even if you don't ever want to buy, you might want to read just because I am a pretty neat gal. (Really! :)

So, enough about the blog, here's some of my "basic stats":
I am married, 25, and mainly knitting is my craft.. I crochet as well, but I have fallen hard for the love of Knit... ha!  I also love to swing dance and I recently moved to Massachusetts... I started to cheer for the Red Sox, as that is contagious up here.. (Sox Fever!)... But i am a die hard Redskins fan, and you might hear about how they are doing on here as well! :) I have 2 kitties, and I would love a dog, but Hubby and Kitties won't like that much...

I was super excited to receive in the mail yesterday a long lost box of yarn from my dad! Apparently, I had stashed it there during one of my many moves.. I had been wondering where some of this yarn had gotten too- some of it was kind of expensive! So I was THRILLED to find it all in this box! woohoo!
New items on etsy are sure to result... :)

If you are interested, you can read my personal blog here.
And, don't forget to look for me on Twitter, here! My twitter will alert you to blog updates, news from my shop, and in general, what's going on! :)

That's all for now... hope to have lots of readers soon! Next Blog will feature some of my latest projects!! 



Kala Pohl Studio said...

Welcome to the world of blogging and Etsy:):)

Hey Harriet said...

Yay for setting up on Etsy. Congrats on the quick sales also :)