Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thursday's Financially Frugal Finds

So Today is my first Favorites of Etsy...  I thought I'd start out with Etsy Shops I have found that have great stuff for a low price. Many shops sell great items for a great price- but the nature of the item means it costs just a wee bit more. These shops have great low priced items (I am thinking, great for stocking stuffers!)

So check them out!

First up, PendantKing

I love love love the pendants in his shop! Pretty, Whimsy, Cute and Functional are all available! If you are an Etsy seller, he can make your avatar into a keychain or pendant! I love that, and plan on doing it soon! 

 I actually purchased a bunch of sample soaps from Shine @ a great price- and I LOVE them. Seriously, handmade soap smells and feels sooo much better than regular soap! Check out her shop! So far, I love the Pumpkin Goatsmilk soap!
And another favorite, Cranberry Apple!
This is a really pretty soap she made:

Need something to put Shine's soap on? I did- and I was all set to buy it from bed bath and beyond or something, when a fellow twitterer posted this! I bought a mini and the regular size! 
Haven't gotten them yet, but I am excited! Thanks Crochetgal!

Found these when I briefly stumbled into an etsy lab!
 Know any kids who love to play kitchen? 
These felt foods from Becky M. are sure to broaden their horizons!!

Last but not least, Jawbreaker has these great holders for your iPhone, iPod, cell or other small items... cute, pretty, and functional! (And, of course: affordable!)

I am off today to go to PA for a youth leaders training conference (I have no idea what to expect!) but I am excited! (And stressed b/c I have a lot to do before 245 when i leave!!) After PA I am headed down to MD where I am visiting a friend for a few days. Not sure when I will get a chance to blog again ! I will miss you, blog! 
Please check out these great shops, and be sure to check in next thursday when I host another week of finds... you never know, your shop may be next!!


wendy said...

i love to shine my hiney! she has great scents... yum

smilemonsters said...

Great finds!